Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Animation Collaborative

This production would like to take a moment to thank the Animation Collaborative. Located in Emeryville, California, across the street from Pixar, The Animation Collaborative is an amazing new animation school ( Five of our animators just finished taking the Animation Demo class with Mike Makarewicz this last winter session, and the things we learned didn't just benefit the animators who attended the class, but helped improve the animation quality on the whole film. That being said, "Just Looking" would like to show our support and highly recommend The Animation Collaborative.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Listening to the music while animating.

I usually listen to the music while I am animating ( I'm sorry I know I shouldn't...) BUT one thing I found it interesting was that music (especially Jazz music) has a lot of patterns and rhythms, which seems to be similar to the timing in animation. It sounds funny but sometimes I get interesting timing from the music. Actually, me and Sean had talked about the relationship between music and animation before. I think there are a lot of things in common music and animation in terms of timing.

Coincidentally, Tom was explaining "Who is the Star?"(it is I think all about making contrast) in the dailies last week. I think music is one of the ways to think about it more. You may be surprised (or have already known) there's a tons of interesting patterns and accent in music.

so....Don't listen to the music while animating, focus!!