The TOP SHELF badge is given out by Tom Bertino, every week, to the animator with the best body of work for the week. Below is a list of each TOP SHELF recipient and the week that they received it:

Week                            Animator

5/16/12                   The Animation Crew

5/9/12                      Ryo Wakasugi

5/2/12                    Jonathan Marshall

4/26/12                    Andrew Gonzalez


4/19/12                      Andrew West

3/23/12                      Sean Taylor


3/14/12                      Chris Roman


3/7/12                       Ryo Wakasugi

2/29/12                     Steven Siebe


2/22/12                      Chris Roman


12/7/11                     Ryo Wakasugi

11/16/11                     Daniel Moos                  


11/9/11                 Jung "John" Kyun Oh


11/2/11            Andrew West & Ryo Wakasugi

10/26/11                    Andrew West


10/19/11                     Daniel Moos                    


10/12/11                        Luke Hu