Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Start of the Fall Semester

The semester has started and we managed to get a lot done between the summer and fall semesters. Modeling is done, mods have been finalized, and we prepped for animation. Props are nearly all textured and we're working on texturing our characters. I'm happy to say we have started animation this last week. We also are starting lighting tests. Unfortunately, a lot of the crew has been hit with a nasty cold and that limited production this past week, but we're all working to make quick recoveries. This semester we are in full fledge production, with animation and lighting to be the primary focus. We will be posting on here regularly, giving updates on the progress of the film, as well as posting about some of the things we have already gone through during the making of "Just Looking". Hopefully, this blog will be a decent read and helpful to someone.

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